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Network Bandwidth Calculator (a roughly estimate how much network bandwidth your server will need to support a certain number of clients)
  • PHP, Active Server Pages, Visual Basic, VB Script, VB.Net, C# (C-Sharp).
  • C/C++ programming available on Unix/Linux systems. Shell scripting on Unix/Linux systems.
  • Database programming and design of SQL Server, Sybase, Office Access, MySQL and FoxPro databases. Database connectivity using ADO, ADO.Net, ADOdb and ODBC.
  • Digital Photography, image processing, DV (digital video) encoding, editing and exporting.
  • Converting analog audio to digital audio.
  • Networking and wiring your small home and office (SOHO).
  • Web site hosting. We can host your web site and e-mail if you do not have the ability to host it yourself.
  • Consulting services. We provide a variety of other services that include setting up your computer systems and performing upgrades and repairs to your PC.

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B & E Computer Solutions
11520 Jefferson Boulevard
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(310) 572-1011, voice


last updated: March 5, 2008